WM Pinguino goes Electric

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WM ice technics, the masters of innovative ice resurfacers, are delighted to bring you yet another remarkable breakthrough: from August 2021, the nippy Pinguino will be fitted with an emission-free electric drive.

A high-performance, virtually maintenance-free lithium battery powers the eco-friendly drive unit for up to one hour of operation, making the eco-friendly, emission-free ice resurfacer perfect for indoor use. With absolutely no exhaust gas, smells or noise, the WM Pinguino guarantees all skaters a clean and smooth experience on the ice. 

The period of one hour allows ample time to clean and smooth your ice surface to perfection. The standard charging module charges the lithium battery of the WM Pinguino fully in 3 hours, while a rapid-charge module with one-hour charging time is available as an optional.  

The WM Pinguino is ideal for surfaces of 800 to 1,000 m2, which it can clean and prepare in just ten minutes. Its potential scope of application ranges from ice resurfacing during events through to mobile ice rinks in parks and shopping centres, for example. The compact WM Pinguino is in no way inferior to the big professionals: it planes ice with the greatest of efficiency, is easy to maintain and, with its up-front driver’s seat, guarantees a high degree of user-friendliness and safety even for inexperienced operators.

The WM Pinguino has been on the market since 2018 with petrol and LPG drives and, in these past two years, over one hundred vehicles have been sold. The eco-friendly electric Pinguino can be pre-ordered as of now, and will be delivered from August.

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photo: W.M. GmbH

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