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ASB has been synonymous with innovation, multifunctionality, and sustainable design since 1965. What began with the revolutionization of squash sports is now known as ASB GlassFloor – one of the most advanced floorings for sports halls in the world, redefining the boundaries of design and technology. The key products are the two glass floors: ASB MultiSports and ASB LumiFlex.

ASB LumiFlex is the world's first full LED video floor for professional sports as well as recreational activities, offering unlimited advertising opportunities, player tracking, and enhanced show design, making it the preferred choice of decision-­makers in the sports industry, architects, and athletes. 

Unlike ASB LumiFlex, where each pixel can be controlled, the LED lines in ASB MultiSports are pre-defined according to the customer's preferences. With a touchscreen interface, any sports field can be activated for any sport.

Both variants of ASB GlassFloor are accredited by FIBA, 
IHF, and FIVB, and comply with the European standard 
EN 14904:2006 for area-elastic sports floors. They provide perfect joint-friendly conditions for athletes, thanks to their elasticity and slip resistance.

The materials used – glass, ceramic, and aluminum – are known for their durability and sustainability. The glass floor has a lifespan of 70 years, and the LEDs last for up to 100,000 hours. ASB GlassFloor now has customers worldwide and has already installed over 40 glass floors.

ASB GlassFloor

Photo: Lukas Mengeler

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