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Experts from aquatics to stadiums. Worldwide!

Thank you for your interest in the IAKS!

Some say that our interdisciplinary objectivity is important. For others it is the major international network that counts.

The IAKS is a meeting place for architects, engineers, clients, designers, local authority decision-makers, technical and operative management, sports federations and clubs. All members are united by their interest to create high-grade, functional and sustainable sports facilities worldwide.

IAKS in a nutshell (Imageflyer)


IAKS membership has so much to offer. Starting at EUR 150 per calendar year. Simply fill in the application form.

Do you equip or build sports and leisure facilities?

Do you do business with clients and operators? Do you want to be the company that makes a difference?

Are you an architect, designer or engineer?

Are you looking for information from practitioners for practitioners? Do you want to be noticed by developers and investors?

Do you operate facilities, run a club, or work in a scientific institution?

Are you from the public or semi-public sector?

Do you want to extend your personal business network?

Are you a professional, but not interested in a corporate membership?

Are you a student?

Do you want to extend your personal business network?

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