State-of-the-art sports surface at University of Glasgow

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TVS GROUP installs Robbins Bio-Channel Star Maple floor 

TVS Group were approached by the University of Glasgow, as their competition hall floor at the Stevenson Sports Facility was in dire need of repair. The brief from the university was to turn this into an iconic venue, with a dream of offering one of the best sporting venues in Scotland. TVS Group presented a proven solution: an elite-level Robbins Bio-Channel Star flooring system. 

Robbins is the preferred sports flooring provider to the major­ity of the National Basketball Association (NBA) teams such as the LA Lakers and Chicago Bulls, and is recognised worldwide for their quality, performance, and their dedication to ­player safety. Through a committed R&D department, Robbins are pioneering the advancement in sprung timber flooring from the perspective of reducing ­involuntary muscle activation and the associated rate of injury occurrences in athletes from mus­cle fatigue. They do this through their anchored, vibration controlling, flooring systems. The Robbins Bio-Channel Star sports flooring system was chosen with confidence by the university, even after concerns were raised over the temperature range, airborne humidity and location of the sports hall.

When removing the original sports floor a subfloor was ex­posed which required a huge amount of work. These works were then checked by a UKAS accredited test lab, ensuring the floor installation was completed to the best possible stand­ards ­offering the highest level of play. Once the sub­strate was corrected, the patented continuous subfloor ­system was anchor­ed to the concrete using a specialised fixing which allows movement of the floor but controls vibrations. To deal with excessive range in humidity and temperature, non-stand-
ard maple floorboards were produced for this project, and then installed over the sub-layers. This level of precision in the installation ensures the sports floor complies to the highest international standards such as EN14904, and MFMA PUR. 
As the brief from the university was to create an iconic sporting venue, custom branding was included within the design. For this level of detail, TVS used the BONA Supersport HD system. Using multiple layers of BONA materials created a unique finish fit for this prestigious project.

Jane Kennedy, Head of Operations, Sport at the University of Glasgow had this comment: “The University of Glasgow Sports Hall plays host to over fifty sports clubs and more than 14,500 members. UofG Sport needed a floor that was suitable for any sport, sustainable and would allow our top student teams to achieve their potential on a state-of-the-art surface. We are delighted to be the first university in Scotland and only the second in the UK to have an NBA worthy Robbins floor system from TVS Group.

Our BUCS (British University College Sport) winning basketball team has started playing on the new court and are delighted with the improvements. We look forward to welcom­ing everyone from the university community!”

The University of Glasgow team now join the University of Kent in the TVS Group and Robbins family, and we can’t wait to see how their athletes use and enjoy the facility for many years to come, especially as this type of sports floors is designed with a system lifespan of between 50 to 60 years of anticipated use.

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Photo: TVS Group