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In the realm of artificial turf maintenance, there's a name that stands out – SMG. Renowned as the premier manufacturer of ride-on machines, tractor attachments, and tow-behind devices, SMG is not just a brand; it's a commitment to excellence. SMG has been setting the standards in the production of machines in the specialist area of regular and advanced care of sports floors for decades - and is continually developing them further.

Regular Maintenance
Regular maintenance, a crucial aspect, involves the routine tasks performed by groundskeepers. These include visual inspections, seam checks, surface cleaning, and the meticulous return of infill materials.

TurfCare TCA1400
Ground driven, tow-behind device crafted for the cleaning and care of artificial turf. The epitome of precision in maintaining the integrity of the playing surface.

Advanced Maintenance
SMG takes artificial turf care to the next level with advanced substance care. In larger time intervals, specialized machines come into play to handle complex work processes. This intensive care involves tasks like loosening, deep cleaning, refilling of infill material, and treating against algae and moss.

TurfKing TK1502
Tractor device for the cleaning and care of artificial turf. The brush and vacuum system guarantees clean sports surfaces and optimum playing conditions.

SportChamp SC3
Ride-on machine that excels in advanced maintenance tasks. Versatility at its core, tackling challenges with finesse for the ultimate artificial turf care.

Our dedicated experts are ready to assist you. Whether you need advice, a demonstration, or information on financing ­options, SMG is here for you.

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