Powerful floodlighting system

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Zumtobel is well known in Switzerland and beyond for high-quality lighting solutions and expert advice. Thanks to our subsidiary Thorn, the range also includes innovative and powerful outdoor lighting. Outdoor customers can thus enjoy the comprehensive services offered by ­Zumtobel Licht AG for both indoor and outdoor lighting needs. For example, the soccer club “FC Lengnau” in Berne was looking for a comprehensive future-proof solution for its football pitch.

For optimal playing and training conditions, the outdated HIT system of the 2nd division pitch was modernised with LED floodlights. A separate training pitch, which used to be unlit, was also given a customised lighting system. The Altis spotlight from Thorn was used for both fields. Thanks to its modular optics, the light can be adapted precisely to the environment, in this case the football pitch. The modules can be tilted individually and it is also possible to reduce the number of luminaires. In Lengnau, 12 spotlights with 130,000 and 87,000 lumen each are already sufficient for excellent results on the main and ancillary pitches. Glare and light pollution are very low thanks to the asymmetrically forward-focused light.

Zumtobel Licht AG and its Thorn sports lighting specialists handled the complete project management and took care of luminaire configuration, standard-compliant lighting design and light measurement. The delivery and installation of the 14 and 16 m tall mast luminaires was done by the partner company Sportlights and Swiss Helicopter. The installation was completed in just four days – and a short 2-minute video was produced to summarise this project.

Zumtobel sb 3 2021 floodlighting system

photo: Thorn Lighting

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