Marble & More and Ascona

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With Ascona and Marble & More, AGROB BUCHTAL is launching this year not only two product novelties but an ideal pair of series for all areas of application where water is involved. Whether it is showers, saunas, therapy rooms in swimming pools or spa and wellness landscapes in hotels or also private bathing oases: the duo, which was developed to match each other exactly in terms of colour, succeeds in creating an ­appearance with a guaranteed WOW effect.

Inspired by the current trends of modern room concepts which combine indoor and outdoor areas or play with seamless transitions from wall to floor, the ceramic series pair cleverly combines their design competence and variety of mosaics and oblong formats, small and large formats for walls and floors on the basis of a common colour range. The Ascona series offers smooth and profiled surfaces which cover all relevant slip-resistance classes to ensure highest functionality in addition to the look. However, the fine look of the 2 x 2 cm mosaic variant from Marble & More is also pleasant to walk on barefoot and is available with slip-resistance class R10/B. This is because the individual tiles are not sharply cut, but have a rounded pressed edge on all sides. The design possibilities are almost unlimited with this series pair, and even pools can be designed tone-in-tone with adjacent areas in natural earthy shades.

No matter who is lying on the floor or just walking up the walls (Ascona rather distinguished reserved, Marble & More, depending on the colour variant, natural noble or sophisticated expressive): in the end, the two series give all water landscapes the right mood.

Agrob Buchtal



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