First Calisthenics Park opens

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The first Calisthenics Park “Fit 21“ has opened in Weinfelden (Switzerland). We would like to thank our partner STUTZ AG for their trust placed in us and the joint cooperation. We are pleased to have been able to contribute to this project with the components supplied.

Calisthenics is a form of physical training that does not require any other sports equipment and has become very popular across all age groups. In addition to equipment for weight training, the flooring plays an enormously important role in this outdoor fitness facility, as injuries can occur in connection with falls. This is where our customized fall protection flooring (Stobisafe®) can provide a remedy. The water-permeable system meets the requirements of a modern sports facility and was specially selected for this project. It has the advantage that the sports surface dries quickly after rain showers and can be used again for targeted strength exercises on the floor. Thanks to its elasticity, the system offers ideal force absorption and reflection for both competitive and leisure athletes, thus protecting muscles and joints.

The solvent and heavy-metal-free one-component binder from STOCKMEIER Urethanes is a smart solution for the production of rubber granulate ceilings and decorative surfaces. Due to its UV stability, it ensures that the EPDM mulch (in a special grey colour) incorporated into the top layer does not fade and remains permanently colour-intensive. This is especially important for the fields and symbols incorporated into the surface. They serve the athletes as demarcation and help lines for strength and stretching exercises on the floor. Once the motifs start to fade, they can no longer be used. Another advantage of fall protection floor systems is that they require little maintenance and care.

Stockmeier SB42021

photo: Raphael von Büren, STUTZAG

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