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Engineering relaxation

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The new thinking that Myrtha brought to its extraordinary selection of wellness products are ideas engineered and developed over decades as the world leader in pool design and technology. Myrtha’s revolutionary use of modular, laminated stainless-steel panels in the design of everything from competition pools, to water parks, to showcase hospitality pools and more, give Myrtha Wellness a proven (watertight!) approach to apply to its wellness products. Featuring ‘Made in Italy’ design, our technology has inspired a breathtaking line of saunas, steam baths, Kneipp pools, salt walls, ice fountains, experience showers and more.

Relaxation has never been so well engineered. Each wellness area (or cabin) is prefabricated and assembled in-house and are literally as strong as steel. If there’s ever a need, a panel or component is easily inspected, removed and replaced from within the cabin, minimizing disruption.

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photo: Myrtha Wellness

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photo: Myrtha Wellness

Design and customization are important considerations in the development of a welcoming, rejuvenating wellness environment. Mosaics, marble and other fine finishes add to the Myrtha Wellness experience. The design flexibility of our modular system, the structural integrity of our steel components and the ability to customize with beautiful finishes, make it possible to create sensational wellness spaces to the highest standards of modern design for hotels, spas, clinics and wellness customers.

Advantages of Myrtha Technology

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graphic: Myrtha Wellness

Myrtha Wellness products are engineered, designed and manufactured using environmentally sustainable processes. Our products contribute up to 6 of the 9 LEED certification categories. Additionally, with decades of aquatics experience, Myrtha Wellness products deliver superior waterproofing advantages; and we can offer the possibility of earthquake-proof certification.

The benefits of our technology extend to many areas critical to a well-conceived wellness facility: Our products deliver insulation material of Class B Fire Resistance; our stainless-steel components result in a 90% reduction in bacterial growth and odours. Myrtha employs a 3D-design system (compliant with BIM standards) that streamlines the approval process and allows us to identify possible issues before manufacturing even begins. The result is our “prefab process” that comes together with plug-&-play ease.

Myrtha Wellness brought to you by Myrtha smartness. 

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phone: +39 0376 94261

Head Quarter in Italy:

via Solferino 27, Castiglione delle Stiviere (MN), 46043

7 branches and 70 countries (distributors, representatives, consultants worldwide - Myrtha Pools). Throughout its 60-year history, Myrtha Pools has taken on a large number of challenges and has constructed and installed more than 300 public swimming pools per year.

FINA Partner since 2009, with 5 participations in the Olympics Games and 150 world records registered in a Myrtha pool, the company has become the benchmark for competition pools.