The continuous ProPlay loop

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ProPlay shock pads are unique in many ways, but one aspect that truly makes ProPlay stand out is its respect for the environment and recyclability. ProPlay is made from redundant foams. Once these foams have been accepted for the production of this shock pad, they will remain in the system and will be repeatedly used to produce high-quality foam products. ProPlay reduces the need for virgin materials and helps prevent the unnecessary growth of landfills.

Schmitz Foam Products places the environment firmly at the top of all its lists. By taking remnant foams and using them for products that have a meaningful purpose, Schmitz Foam Products prevents tonnes of foam going to waste annually. The plants in Roermond (the Netherlands) and Coldwater (USA) use the latest technologies and skilled employees to separate quality foams and prepare these foams for use in shock pads for different purposes.

Likewise, the Schmitz Foam Products protocol for accepting ProPlay sheets that are no longer used for their intended purpose is well-defined and documented. These ProPlay sheets can be handed back to Schmitz Foam Products so that they can be repurposed in other applications. “It is a responsibility we take as the manufacturer but it is also something we can and like to do without even worrying too much about its condition,” says Ron Moors, Plant Manager at Schmitz Foam Products. ProPlay sheets that have been handed in will be cleaned and either reused for other applications or recycled for the production of new high-quality foam products. A neat and sophisticated circular process that the manufacturer takes pride in.

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photo: Schmitz Foam

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