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Bringing new life to old pools

New technology changes the refurbishment game

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With the new year comes new challenges, new outlooks and new aquatic projects. And while starting a new can certainly be tempting when it comes to pools, that approach can bring high costs associated with long demolition and construction phases.

Instead, why not renovate by featuring a technological approach that guarantees a fixed cost and speedy project delivery, all while providing a solution with a far slimmer carbon footprint that competing concrete pool options?

By meeting the latest health and safety standards, improving pool functionality and water recirculation while incorporating modern design preferences, Myrtha’s RenovAction system is the answer for updating virtually any aging pool. This exclusive technology can solve all the problems that concrete, gunite, or shotcrete pools face as they age, crack and fail. Keep in mind that the final stages in a pool’s lifespan commonly bring significant maintenance and repairs, along with substantial ongoing financial and time investments.

Depending on the nature of a pool’s failure, it may be the walls, the floor or the entire pool structure that has deteriorated and needs to be replaced. Our flexible technology allows us to refurbish only the areas that are failing and can often be carried out without any significant demolition.

Reimagining the pool layout

Recent innovations in our RenovAction system make it possible to renew almost any shape or pool structure. Myrtha-engineered stainless steel panels can be applied to freeform concrete pool structures: including lazy rivers, water play equipment, and hydro-massage areas. The RenovAction system also allows for updates from ineffective, outdated skimmer system to overflow gutter technology. In the case of Bill Walker pool at Northeast Independent School in Texas, the original concrete pool – 18m wide – through the magic of RenovAction was extendend to 23m wide while the pool shell was preserved without any major demolition on site.

Myrtha Pools_Bill Walker Northeast Independent School_2023.jpg

Bill Walker Northeast Independent School (credits: Myrtha Pools)

Dimensional tolerance preservation

Tasmajdan Sports  Recreation Centre-Serbia_credits Myrtha Pools

Tasmajdan Sports Recreation Centre (photo credits: Myrtha Pools)

For projects where tolerances are critical, RenovAction technology has been specifically developed to require minimal changes or demolition. The process is based on the use of our precision-engineered PVC-laminated stainless steel panels and buttress system, which allows for maximum precision and compliance with FINA regulations and competition rules. And if you prefer a 100 percent stainless steel pool, we can integrate RenovAction technology with Myrtha Skin for the pool floor. This solution eliminates the corrosion and discoloration, problems typical in welded steel pools, and contributes to excellent underwater vision. For proof, take a look at Tasmajdan Sport and Recreation Centre.

Cost comparison & maintenance free materials

The integration of Myrtha Pools panels, even in the case of RenovAction projects, means faster and easier installation. Reducing overall project time translates directly to cost savings on overhead, energy, and insurance costs. Our RenovAction technology also allows owners to make good use of existing materials, which adds to savings. Myrtha pools do not require significant structural maintenance or upkeep. This is clearly demonstrated by the comparative study carried out on the Challenge Stadium’s pools in Perth, Australia. The inarguable conclusion was that the maintenance of a concrete pool is more complex and onerous than that of a stainless steel Myrtha pool. Our structures are not subject to dimensional variation, nor are they susceptible to cracking or structural deterioration, even when RenovAction panels are added to existing concrete.

Shorter installation time & flexibility

Bellerive Le Plage - Switzerland_credits Myrtha Pools.jpg

Bellerive-Plage, Switzerland (photo credits: Myrtha Pools)

RenovAction technology has shown that the construction timeline for the swimming pool portion of a project is far shorter than with conventional pool construction methods. As evidence, the new freeform pool at Bellerive-Plage in Lausanne, Switzerland, was installed in just seven weeks. There is no welding involved in the construction of a Myrtha pool, as all components are securely bolted together and/or affixed to any existing structures, resulting in quicker pool installation. Thanks again to our modular system, converting an existing pool to a Myrtha tank can be scheduled at almost any point in the master project timeline and installed in a very short amount of time.


360° solution: advanced engineered design and quality control

Myrtha staff is involved in every step from planning to installation. Pool plans are created in-house by Myrtha’s professional design team. Detailed 3D renderings, including all pool components and assemblies, are created to clearly illustrate how your pool can be transformed using RenovAction technology. We also manufacture most of the components that are used to create every RenovAction pool. We are a central part of the process, from start to finish.

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