Better than new

Advert by IAKS member Dr. Schutz

At the Ljungstedt School in Linköping, Sweden, sporting activities are a top priority: Built in 1966, the sports hall, one of the largest in the country, offers 10-15 hours of space daily for a variety of sports and events by students and sport clubs with an area of 650 m².

Over the years of intensive use, the resilient sport floor had suffered greatly. Resin residues from balls and shoes, faded colours and line markings made the scratched surface very difficult to clean. Besides that the floor lost its slip resistance, which exposed users to a serious risk of injury.

The city council was looking for a method that combined speed, cost-effectiveness and sustainability and – after having had good experiences with it already – opted for the Dr. Schutz Sport Floor System: on site renovation instead of replacement. Because it was simply not an option to shut down the hall for a long time. In addition, the aspect of sustainability was strongly involved in the decision, explains Maria Widfeldt, Chief Sustainability Officer in Linköping City Council: “This system is very good from an ecological point of view, as we hardly produce any waste. And the cost is only a fraction of a floor replacement.“ The Sport Floor System from Dr. Schutz relies on mechanical deep cleaning of the existing floor.  Subsequently, coloured PU lacquers offer design freedom across the entire sport floor colour spectrum, thereby giving the fields and lines a fresh look. By finishing with the transparent PU top-coating, the floor is given extra durability against wear and tear, as well as dirt and slip resistance. In a few days one gets a (better than) new sport floor.

Sportboden Dr Schutz

Foto: Dr. Schutz