09:40pm® An extraordinary bath

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A Franco-German collaboration between ASB GlassFloor and POOLOOP has seen the creation of a new concept for the presentation of imagery within swimming pools. 09:40pm® allows the transformation of these spaces into visual experiences, where the only limitation is the user’s imagination.

An exclusive patented floor and an aluminium substructure make this all possible. With a certified waterproof surface formulated from two-layer safety glass panels laminated with a 1.52 mm thick PVB foil, it is perfectly adapted to any aquatic environment. The top-of-the-range LEDs are visible even in broad daylight and the imagery can be easily managed from a tablet or smartphone. With this system, the crea­tion of any imaginable visual atmosphere is possible. While a distinct departure from the unadaptability of previous solutions, it can also be used to display the beautiful mosaics that currently represent typical aquatic imagery.

Such innovation gives its users the opportunity to experience a wide variety of situations within one solution. From swimming inside an active volcano, to diving into the fishy water of a coral reef, this unique concept is a bridge between imagination and reality where water and light enhance the experience. Due to the adaptable nature of the technology and with the glass panels being modular, this can all occur within a wide variety of surroundings, including spas and Jacuzzis.

The collaboration has been realised in two locations. A fully functioning example in the heart of the Provence region acts as a reference point for future clients. Perhaps you will be one of them, too? Visit www.21h40.com and let yourself be enchanted!

ASB poolloop_sb 6 2020_ASB Glassfloor POOLOOP

photo: ASB GlassFloor / POOLOOP

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