Sporty all-round renovation

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Ball-proof Lindner expanded metal ceilings 
In order to enable the citizens of Haag i.OB, Germany to enjoy sports more again, the Haag i. OB school group commissioned the general renovation of the local swimming and gymnasium hall in 2018. The building, which was completed in 1974, was already getting on in years and needed to be adapted to ­today's building physics, energy and design requirements. Thus, not only the façade of the building was redesigned, but also the interior of the indoor swimming pool and the gymnasium were rethought.

In the course of the conversion, the Lindner Group made a significant contribution to making the sports hall an attractive place for athletes again. Lindner equipped the sports hall with a new suspended ceiling system - designed to be ball-impact resistant in accordance with DIN EN 13964. This means that the LMD-St 213 BWS expanded metal ceiling not only increases the safety of the users, but also ensures a pleasant background noise in the sports hall thanks to its acoustic effectiveness. The ceiling system also offers simple maintenance option due to ceiling panels that can be individually operated, swung down and slid. 

To complement the metal ceiling, Lindner supplied deep-beam sports hall luminaires with cellular louvres and clear covers: these were integrated into the ball impact-resistant metal ceiling, thus rounding off the simple appearance of the ceiling surface. The powder-coated luminaires with energy-efficient LED technology are particularly robust and also provide a friendly lighting atmosphere in the sports hall.

Lindner turnhalle-haag-rainer-taepper-architekturfotografie

photo: Lindner