Multifunctional arena built by SMC2 opened

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On 29.09.2019, there were two reasons to celebrate in Friedensau, a village belonging to the municipality of Möckern in Saxony-Anhalt. The celebration of the village’s 120th anniversary with its roughly 420 residents was combined with the opening of a new multifunctional arena. This arena can accommodate 1,500 spectators and is not only an architectural masterpiece, but also the new social hub of the village community.

The new arena was built on an existing amphitheatre with rows of stone seats. Under the direction of the architects Mayer-Winderlich and Martinez Moreno, the existing rows and spaces were renovated and extended in a solid structure. In addition, the arena was spanned by an intricate structure of glued-laminated timber and steel covered by a textile membrane. The advantage of this is that the interior of the arena is illuminated with daylight thanks to the membrane’s transparency. By its very nature, the building’s textile roof additionally reduces reverberation and ensures optimum acoustics in the arena. Responsible for the planning and assembly of the structure and the 50-metre diameter textile membrane was SMC2.

Concerts, readings, conferences, celebrations and other events are scheduled to take place in the arena, which is now a year-round venue. Thus the hall with its impressive structure will soon be filled with life on a regular basis, much to the delight of residents and everyone involved in the project.

Friedensau multifunctional arena_smc2 DSC05744_sb 6 2019

photo: SMC2

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