Inclusion meets calisthenics

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Calisthenics is a form of physical training that uses your own body weight to improve strength, endurance, flexibility and body control. There are a variety of exercises that, in an individually adapted form, are also suitable for people with physically and/or mentally limited abilities.

PLAYPARC's inclusive calisthenics facilities "alltogether" offer fitness and training areas that are designed to include people with different physical abilities and disabilities. The facilities are created to be accessible to all, regardless of their individual needs. Lower bars and parallel bars for people in wheelchairs, grab bars, adapted workout benches, access/entry aids and many other details make it easier and more convenient for all people with disabilities to participate and work out individually.

PLAYPARC's alltogether facilities combine the equipment requirements of the trend sport "Calisthenics" with the requirements for barrier-free and publicly accessible sports and training facilities for all people. These facilities help to promote an inclusive society in which people with different abilities have the same opportunities to lead an active and healthy life.

By the combination of calisthenics and inclusion, people of different physical abilities can train together, learn from each other and motivate each other. This not only improves physical health, but also promotes social interaction.



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