Restricting PAHs in granules and mulches

A restriction has been vividly discussed to limit the concentration of eight PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) in granules or mulches used as infill material in synthetic turf pitches or in loose form for use in sports applications and on playgrounds.

The restriction was supported by EU Member States in December 2020 and adopted by the Commission in July 2021. It prohibits the placing on the market and use of granules and mulches as infill if they contain more than 20 mg/kg of the sum of the eight PAHs. Granules or mulches placed on the market also have to be batch labelled to ensure safe use.

The new rules apply in the EU/EEA from 10 August 2022. It will make playing on artificial sports pitches and playgrounds safer and may help to ease social concerns and worries over playing on artificial sports pitches and playgrounds. The restriction will not affect existing fields immediately but will ensure that any infill material used for refilling the fields is below the new limit.


artificial turf_close up_carina deuß

photo: IAKS, Carina Deuß