2023 IAKS Trends Report out now

In the kick-off session on 24 Oct 2023 at the IAKS Congress, IAKS President Dr Stefan Kannewischer presented the 2023 IAKS Trends Report brochure to the audience.

Design trends in sports and leisure facilities are continually evolving to meet the changing needs and preferences of users while addressing emerging challenges. As the world‘s leading association for these facilities, the IAKS aims to provide an overview of recent developments and industry trends.

We have asked IAKS board members, members of our Expert Circles, as well as board members from our national IAKS sections for their observations. Special thanks to Darryl Condon, Harald Fux, Stefan Kannewischer, and Klaus Meinel for their time and dedication to share their observations.

This trends report summarizes their feedback, starting with the most frequently mentioned topic of „environmental sustainability“ in the areas of „construction“ and „operation“. Other topics - ranked by the number of mentions - include „social sustainability“, „health“, „planning“, „outdoor physical activity“, „economic sustainability“, and „digitalisation.“

While it is impossible to capture the full range of factors involved in current approaches to sports and leisure facility design and operation, we hope you find this summary of trends received from our world-wide network helpful as you consider the future of your facilities.

The brochure is available as download (free of charge). Please feel free to share with your peers.