IAKS Poland to organize infraSPORT Academy

InfraSPORT Academy is a series of regional meetings throughout Poland with experts exchanging experiences related to the design construction, equipment, management and maintenance of sports, leisure and recreational facilities. In 2019, the meetings will take place in Warsaw (Nadarzyn), Szczecin and Rzeszów, featuring a panel of more than 50 industry experts.

The first event is staged on the 24th of May in the framework of the ‘Go Active Show 2019’, the largest sports fair of its kind in Poland.

infrasport2017 credits Marek Biczyk_Newspix.pl

photo: Marek Biczyk Newspix.pl infrasport2017

The panels are dedicated to:

  • Quantitative quality forecasts for the development of sports infrastructure in Poland. The outlook is based on the long-term strategy of the Ministry of Sport and Tourism which aims at supporting the development of sports infrastructure.
  • The role of sports infrastructure in promoting an active lifestyle. Proper and comprehensive planning of sports and recreational investments, taking into account the needs of residents of large cities, small towns and rural municipalities.
  • Financing local sports and recreational investments. Sources of financing sports and recreation facilities, e.g. (PPP). Outsourcing into a sports and recreation facility and alternative ways of co-financing investments.
  • Changes in sports construction under the influence of trends and the emergence of new sports (including e-Sport). Things to consider when planning modern sports facilities.