General Assembly of IAKS Nordic on 19 June 2019

The IAKS Nordic General Assembly 2019 was held in Trondheim City Center. Esben Danielsen, President of IAKS Nordic, opened the General Assembly of six members with voting rights.

Esben presented the annual report, where he stated that IAKS Nordic is still in a startup phase. The aim is to go further and expand to new members outside the historically established connections.

IAKS Nordic General Assembly 2019 June 650.jpg

Topics that IAKS Nordic is occupied with:

  • Sustainability is a hot topic and emerging. In the technical solutions and in sharing space (ex. artificial turf vs. plastic pollution, reduced energy use in swimming facilities / ice hockey facilities, multi-facilities for 24-7 use).
  • Sport facilities attracting «new commers» is a huge focus. New sport activities are growing which are more attractive to non-experienced participants. This demands new solutions in facilities.
  • Universal design with good solutions for elderly people, disabled people and parasport is growing.
  • Sports facilities in the nature is the strongest emerging trend (climbing, mountain biking, running, kayak / canoeing, open water swimming, winter bathing).
  • Combination of sports and health solutions (sport in school, sports for elderly people, kids in nature, e-gaming and physical activity).
  • Integration of sports facilities in city planning is a huge political topic.
IAKS Nordic General Assembly 2019 June.jpg

Before the General Assembly, the members were given a presentation of Ski Tour 2020, a collaboration between the skiing federations of Sweden and Norway.

photo: IAKS Nordic

Section membership is currently 30. Half of the members are from Sweden. The annual accounts closed with a gain of DKK 127.024 and were unanimously approved, with the statement from Esben, that it is not intended to earn money. The 2019 budget were also approved and indicated that more money should be spent on activities for the members of IAKS Nordic.

The Executive Board including the President stood for re-election for another two-year period. Furthermore, two new candidates, Marina Högland, Head of Sports Administration at Stockholm Municipality, and André Flatner, Head of Sports at Frederikstad Municipality were elected for the Board.

IAKS Nordic Executive Board

as of 19 June 2019

Esben Danielsen (President), Lokale og Anlægsfonden

Bjørn Aas, NTNU / SIAT

Daniel Glimvert, Gymnastikförbundet

Robert Petrén, AIX Arkitekter

Marina Högland, Stockholm Stad

Nils-Olof Zethrin, SKL

André Flatner, Frederikstad Municipality

Flemming Overgaard, Keingart

Holger Kortbek, IFFD

Andreas Puskas (substitute member), 3P Arkitektur