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26th IAKS Congress

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2019 IAKS UK Spring Event

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IAKS Zukunftstrends für Schwimmbäder 2020.pdf
Impacting health through public space provision
Bryce Hinton, Partner, CONVIC, Australia
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Activating underutilized urban spaces
Darryl Condon, Managing Principal, HCMA, Canada
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Skills Park Winterthur: Programming, designing and operating urban activity areas for the youth and for the young at heart
Roger Rinderknecht, Founder/owner and Robin Schneider, Technical Director, Skillspark, Switzerland
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The planning of skate parks between subculture and the Olympics
Veith Kilberth, Partner, Landskate, Germany
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Attractive and sustainable leisure ice experiences
Peter Hirvell, Managing Director, AST Eis- und Solartechnik, Austria
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All-season recreation and sports pavilion as an economic, functional and appealing approach for ice rinks
Jim Kalvelage, Partner, opsis architecture, USA
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Evolution of community ice rink design as a tool for physical and social interaction
Viktors Jaunkalns, Founding partner, MJMA Architects, Canada
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Operating models: Choose the right one for your pool
Gar Holohan, Founder and Executive Chairman of Aura Holohan Leisure Group, Ireland
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Economic sustainability: Optimising financial planning to get best value
Dr Stefan Kannewischer, CEO, Kannewischer Management, Switzerland
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