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Author: Laura Simmes, Accellence Technologies GmbH
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Accellence Technologies has developed a technical solution that enables fast and flexible visitor checks in relation to COVID-19. With the aid of their sensors, mobile terminals can spot within seconds spectators not wearing face masks and with an elevated body temperature.

COVID-19-related rules have already become part of everyday life, and they are visible wherever you go. Face masks and hand sanitising are the most familiar measures we are confronted with when entering a shop, for example. To improve safety still further, body temperature is also increasingly being measured.

But not every facility is capable of readily implementing the associated checks. In the sports industry, clubs are being pushed beyond their limits. Smaller clubs do not have the staff or finance to implement a comprehensive hygiene plan. Since larger clubs and sports facilities have to scale up their checking processes to large numbers of people, the controls must be not only reliable but also quick.

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Reliable checks on admission to spectator sports

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In collaboration with technology partners, Accellence Technologies has developed a technical solution that enables fast and flexible visitor screening. The outcome is the new vimacc “Safety in Sports” edition, consisting of one or more mobile terminals equipped with appropriate sensors and video management.

With the aid of their sensors, the mobile terminals can check whether visitors are wearing face masks or have an elevated body temperature. This process takes only a few seconds. Visitors detected not wearing face marks are kindly advised to wear one. Their current body temperature is measured at the same time. If this is found to be too high, the visitor can be diverted to a safety zone for the potentially infected.

The intelligent video security system from Accellence enhances safety. By using vimacc “Safety in Sports”, security staff are notified of the potentially infected person within a few moments and can take further steps. This data-protection-­certified and universally adaptable solution, coupled with functions for compliance with the applicable data protection regulations, provides the ideal tools for safeguarding match operations and protecting health.

Accellence’s goal is to fill the stands again in order to bring more people together at a time of pronounced social distancing. The terminals can be adapted to a huge range of requirements, so clubs and sports managers can adapt to the ever-­changing COVID-19 measures with just a single solution.