Two exciting days for IAKS Nordic in Helsinki

Report by Björg Liljedal

IAKS Nordic in Helsinki, Finland

From 24-25 May 2023, we heard about how the City of Helsinki works with circular economy and how the municipality has collaborated with Aalto University with a circular economy student competition. We were also presented to the Lappset Group Company and Ramboll Finland, who both had inspiring presentations about their innovative products and projects.

We visited impressive award-winning facilities such as Löyly Urban Sauna and Martta Wendelin daycare centre. Innovative and sustainable facilities well worth a visit. Nice to see how the City of Helsinki has also created an activity arena in an old printing house of 12,000 m2 Liikuntamylly and to hear about their work with circular economy. 
Finland is one of the biggest countries in ice hockey, so it was exciting to visit Pirkkola ice hall skating rink utilizes construction engineering that allows for the recycling of carbon dioxide in the pipes of the rink.

IAKS Nordic - General assembly 2023

For the first time IAKS Nordic General assembly took place in hybrid format, allowing members to attend in-person in Helsinki or from where they are based.

IAKS Nordic would especially like to thank Bjørn Aas and Esben Danielsen, who are now stepping down from IAKS Nordic's board. We still hope we will be able to use the enormous expertise they both have in IAKS events in the future. We are also very happy to have two new substitutes for the board: Emil Marefat of Hemsô and Olav Torp of NTNU/SIAT. Welcome to the board.

You can download the IAKS Nordic General assembly summary at the bottom of the page.

IAKS Nordic board 2023

8 out of 11 board members in IAKS Nordic participated in the General Assembly in Helsinki 2023.

IAKS Nordic General assembly 2023 summary

IAKS Nordic general assembly meeting Summary 24.05.2023.pdf

Information about sports and the activity facilities Helsinki 2023

Information about sports and the activity facilities Helsinki 2023.pptx