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Play zones based on Mannheim innovations

featured in sb magazine 4/2023
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Corridor for play and exercise - German national garden show in Mannheim 2023

published in sb magazine 4/2023

The play and exercise area in the green corridor offers visitors a variety of intergenera­tional and barrier-free activities.  Climbing frames, swings, sand areas and even a fountain have been integrated into the park structure over a distance of about 1.5 kilometres. The design of the play zones has been based on various Mannheim innovations that paved the way for technological progress worldwide. These zones are supplemented with a calisthenics and parkour installation along with jogging and inline skating routes.

BUGA Mannheim

Photo: Roman Mensing

BUGA Mannheim

Photo: Roman Mensing

A rope climbing frame designed for different user and age groups is a reminder of the social, civic and cultural networking in the city of Mannheim.

Seemingly floating levels form a voluminous body that gains transparency through its materiality and colouring. The two levels differ in their mesh size and opportunities for movement. The climbing frame is bordered by a barrier-free ascending walkway consisting of ramps and platforms. As part of the overall composition, it offers several access points to the upper play level, entry to a slide and, as a viewing platform, a view extending far across the Spinelli outdoor grounds.

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BUGA Mannheim

Photo: Roman Mensing

Mannheim, Germany

Client / operator
Bundesgartenschau Mannheim 2023 gGmbH

RMP Stephan Lenzen 

Design team
Philip Haggeney, Maike Alter, Nuria Segovia Ruiz, Nikolai Hein

Work and execution planning, execution parkourelements and foundations
X-Move GmbH,

Philip Haggeney, Claudia Späth

Roman Mensing Fotografie, RMPSL

Official opening
April 2023

Construction costs
EUR 7.3 million

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