Varkenoord ClubHouse in Rotterdam

Three clubs under one roof

published in sb 5/2018

Three sports clubs with different backgrounds and ‘club cultures’ are joining forces on the new Rotterdam sports campus: two soccer clubs (FC IJsselmonde and Overmaas) and Feyenoord Hockey Club are sharing a common facility. NL Architects are positioning the building between the two main soccer fields and the adjoining pitches. The clubhouse attempts to exploit its specific position.

Hesitation about sharing new accommodation is understandable. This could mean giving up autonomy and sacrificing influence – but there are also advantages. The new Varkenoord clubhouse pursues these potential synergies. How can the architects create a new combined identity for the cluster but still leave room for the individual clubs to have their own identity? The clubhouse lies in the middle of three soccer pitches, two hockey pitches, and beach volleyball facilities.

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Varkenoord ClubHouse in Rotterdam by NL Architects

Photo: Sebastian van Damme

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