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Expert Circles

Mission and intent of the IAKS Expert Circles

IAKS members are professionals who represent all aspects of active living. Many members are associated with a specific area of expertise or interest in the broad range of sports and leisure facilities. These include ownership (public and private sector), operations, planning and design, construction, equipment, and specialized sports finishes. The focus of members ranges from community-scaled facilities and programs to professional multipurpose venues for internationals events and competitions.

IAKS has established the IAKS Expert Circles as an international forum for the discussion of specific issues, trends and expectations relative to the respective area of interest. The IAKS recognizes that while there is a shared vision of the purpose and expectations of sports and leisure facilities, this is often regional or national in its reach and often is not part of an international conversation. The ultimate intent of the IAKS Expert Circles is to provide a transfer of knowledge at planning, technical, and operating requirements for the specific area of interest.

Potential activities of expert circles

2019 03 - pool expert circle - meeting in Malmo - group in front of Hylliebadet

Expert Circle "Swimming Pool" at 4th meeting in Sweden in March 2019
photo: IAKS

Expert Circles can be developed for every area of focus within the IAKS membership and can include both facilities such as aquatic centres, sports halls, fitness centres and ice arenas; and specific user groups such as school children, senior users, and serious/elite athletes. 

The IAKS currently is in the process of establishing or growing the Expert Circles initiative for swimming pools, sports halls, and ice arenas. 

    Potential Expert Circle activities could include:

    • Expert Circle meetings:
      regular meetings / workshops to recognize / present successful international projects, identify trends, and discuss problems and common interests;
    • IAKS Congress:
      identify interesting trends and topics for the biannual IAKS congress in Cologne;
    • sb magazine:
      identify interesting facilities to be presented, write technical or management articles;
    • International or National events:
      support national IAKS seminars with international experience / speakers;
    • Further activities:
      each Expert Circle can develop further activities on its own, e.g. developing principals, guidelines, or library / body of reference material.
    Expert Circle Sports Halls_meeting on 20190426_Bernard Kössler Hamburger Sportbund 650.jpg

    Expert Circle "Sports Halls" at first meeting in Austria in April 2019
    photo: Hamburger Sportbund

    from left to right: Klaus Meinel, Karin Schwarz-Viechtbauer, Bernard Kössler, Flemming Overgaard, Roger Gut, Harald Fux, Jürgen Widler


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