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The innovation journey of ice resurfacing

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WM technics has etched its name in the annals of ice resurfacing with a blend of seasoned expertise and groundbreaking innovation. Nestled in Blumau, South Tyrol, Italy, this company has been at the forefront of transforming ice rinks around the world. Their journey is an ongoing tale of cutting-edge developments, epitomized by their flagship product, the Mammoth Autopilot 3D.

Whether it's gracing the LANXESS arena in Cologne or the scenic Ritten Ice Rink, among countless other international venues, the WM technics' ice resurfacers have become synonymous with flawlessly curated ice surfaces. Standing tall in this impressive lineup is the Mammoth Autopilot 3D, a true testament to the South Tyrolean company's relentless pursuit of innovation. The machine's name itself is a nod to its remarkable capabilities: "Mammoth" for its formidable power, "Autopilot" for its autonomous driving system, and "3D" for its advanced ice thickness management. In fact, the term "Automation" might as well be part of its moniker to encompass its full range of features.

But what exactly sets the Mammoth Autopilot 3D apart in its field?

Mammoth Autopilot 3D WM

Photo: WM Technics

Mammoth Autopilot 3D

WM Mammoth

Photo: WM technics

"That's why we're good"
Mirko Sparber, WM technics' Sales Director, states with unwavering conviction, "We are good and know it. The se­cret? Our dynamic, youthful team is always eager to leap at the next challenge. We approach our technology from the perspec­tive of the ice masters themselves, customizing it to meet their unique requirements. Our drive for innovation, fueled by a collaborative team spirit, has cultivated an environment brimming with creativity and satisfaction. And it's this joy in our work that translates directly into unparalleled quality."

This hallmark of quality is not just apparent in the flawlessly resurfaced ice or the Mammoth's innovative, from-the-ground-up electric design. It's the painstaking attention to detail, the thorough planning, and the precise execution at WM technics that really distinguish them in the field.

Autopilot and its assistant, WM Connect
Diving into its most thrilling innovation: the Autopilot. True to its name, the Mammoth operates without a driver, auto­nomously maneuvering and perfecting the ice surface. Equipped with an advanced, rigorously tested autonomous driving system, the machine is always aware of its position and knows exactly where to work its magic on the ice.

In tandem with this groundbreaking feature is WM Connect, an invaluable data and communication tool. It keeps ice masters in the loop with instantaneous updates on the machine's status. Efficient ice grooming hinges on precise, timely information. WM Connect offers remote access to the Mammoth, enabling over-the-air software updates.

3D: Saving resources by preventing overly thick ice
The 3D aspect of the Mammoth is as impactful as it sounds. This feature incorporates a sophisticated laser leveling system that works in concert with a digital map gener­ated by the Autopilot's sensors. This innovative system autono­mously assesses the ice, determining when to shave or water it. A resource-efficient approach that maintains optimal ice thickness. Thus, it conserves physical resources and reduces energy consumption since thicker ice typically demands more cooling. The 3D system ensures the ice is maintained at an ideal thickness.

Mammoth: A testament to South Tyrolean electrical engineering
Now, let's address the "elephant" in the room, or rather, the "Mammoth." Its name aptly reflects the immense power harnessed within its motor, showcasing the excellence of South Tyrolean electrical engineering. Designed from the outset to be electric, the Mammoth is a paragon of eco-friendly innovation. It glides with its prehistoric namesake's silent yet formidable grace, diligently delivering the perfect "ice lift" to every corner of the rink. Thanks to its 100% electric design, maintenance is straightforward and accessible.

The journey of innovation
Mirko Sparber asserts that what we've seen so far is just the tip of the iceberg. The Mammoth boasts a range of subtle features that significantly ease the workload of ice masters. Sparber explains, "To give you an idea of its efficiency, during standard resurfacing operations, the Mammoth only consumes about 1.3 kW of power – which is quite remark­able! Should an ice master choose to manually operate the ma­chine, they'll find an ergonomic chair and a multifunctional joystick. Changing blades is effortless, thanks to our ultra-light quick-change system. And that's not all – it features a high-grade, rust-free sled, an integrated edger, and a combined water and snow tank with a massive 2,000-liter ca­pacity..." - Sparber's enthusiasm is palpable as he details the extensive capabilities of the Mammoth.

This wealth of information underscores one undeniable fact: the team's authentic passion for their product and the confidence that comes from a history of satisfied customers. WM technics has a reputation for consistently delivering both innovation and quality – and clearly, the journey with the Mammoth is nowhere near its conclusion.

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Photo: WM technics