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Hayward Field Athletics Stadium in Eugene, USA

featured in sb magazine 2/2022
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Packing the fans near the finish line

published in sb magazine 2/2022


Hayward Field sets a new standard for fan experience and connection to the sport with comfortable seating for every single patron, a diversity of in-stadium food and beverage amenities, great sight lines and close proximity to the athletes and the action. SRG Partnership consider the facility a true theater for track-and-field events. The 9-story tower at the main public entry resembles the Olympic torch, while its metal cladding features imagery of five legendary Oregon athletes.

Hayward Field

Photo: Kevin Scott

Good to know

Hayward Field

Photo: Kevin Scott

Eugene, USA

Client / operator
University of Oregon

SRG Partnership
US – Portland, OR 97201

SRG Partnership

Kevin Scott

Official opening

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