Athletics equipment certified by WA

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Established in 1974, Lausin y Vicente offers an extensive range of quality athletics equipment.

Since 2012, the company has been certifying their athletics implements by World Athletics (formerly known as IAAF), to ensure that their products meet the technical requirements for use in all international athletics competitions, as well as meet the following objectives:

  • Provide better quality products
  • Guarantee the validity and accuracy of performances
  • Support any initiative to improve athletics goods
  • Encourage and support innovation
  • Help and protect athletes

At present, Lausin y Vicente has a total of 18 products certified by the international governing body for track and field:

  • Competition hurdles in steel and aluminium
  • Water jump hurdle and movable obstacles
  • High jump and pole vault landing mats
  • High jump and pole vault standards
  • Pole vault box with lid
  • Hammed throwing cage and circles
  • Take-off board for long and triple jump
  • Aluminium track kerbing (see picture)

Lausin y Vicente is committed to continuing manufacturing and sourcing safe, durable, and long-term performance equipment worldwide. As well as schools and universities, the company’s customer base includes sports centres and track & field facilities. 

Lausín y Vicente S.L. Athletics Track kerb

Photo: Lausín y Vicente 

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