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Up and down the hillside

featured in sb magazine 4/2023
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Tenstadalen playground and activity park in Tensta


published in sb magazine 4/2023

Tenstadalen is a park covering a large area in the long valley between Tensta and Spånga, west of Stockholm. The park is one of the City of Stockholm’s Greener Stockholm projects, with the aim of creating regenerated green spaces for all ages. Nivå landscape architects have developed a design based on early-stage community dialogue with residents and local groups to gather their opinions and wishes regarding the future park.

Tenstadalen Playground 650

Photo: Robin Hayes

Tenstadalen Playground 650

Photo: Robin Hayes

The main part is a multifunctional gathering place and activity centre placed on the steep hillside alongside Tenstavägen. The area forms a link between the valley and ­Tensta-Hjulsta.

The activity hill comprises several different elements. A south-facing terraced flight of steps and balcony system ­offers seating and views of the park. The surfaces consist of timber decking, while the sides facing the park are made of wavy metal sheet.

Next to the stairs is a running track – not just any track, but one that slopes upwards. Either you run along the lines, or you use the ropes between the poles to pull yourself up.

The climbing prism offers a more challenging route up the hill. Here you have to master different angles and heights. Some of the walls have climbing grips to make climbing easier. 


Good to know

Tenstadalen Playground 650

Photo: Robin Hayes

Stockholm, Sweden

Client / operator
Trafikkontoret, Stockholms stad

Architect & principal designer
Nivå landskapsarkitektur AB
Stockholm, Sweden

Design team
Åsa Drougge, Helena Emrani, 
Stina Hellqvist, Ludvig Bratt, 
Tommy Roman


Robin Hayes

Official opening

Construction costs
SEK 30 million
(EUR 2.6 million)

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