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Eligibility and criteria


Entitled to enter the 2023 competition are newly built facilities as well as expansions, modernizations, rehabilitations or conversions of existing buildings and facilities. The facilities must have been completed and gone into operation between 1 January 2018 and 31 December 2022. Temporary venue infrastructure / architecture (e.g. demountable or relocatable infrastructure for major sport events) may also be entered in the competition.

The designers/architects or owners/operators of facilities are eligible to enter.

The IAKS is entitled to disqualify any submission which does not confirm to the mandatory requirements for the competition.

Due to the current situation in Ukraine, the IAKS kindly asks parties from Russia and Belarus to refrain from submitting a project. The next occasion to submit will be in 2025, while everybody hopes that the situation will not last another two years.

Adjudication criteria

The jury shall adjudicate all submissions independently of their size and budget on the basis of the following principal criteria:

Architectural and technical aspects

  • Integration in the urban environment or into the landscape
  • Design concept and its quality
  • Programming and functional planning, technical features
  • Innovation and imagination

Sustainability aspects and public value

  • Legacy concept
  • Ecological sustainability (significant innovations, environmental design)
  • Economical sustainability (operational / management concept)
  • Social / community aspects (socially meaningful legacy for all members of a community)
  • Support of health, well-being and active living

Accessibility aspects

  • Accessibility and universal design / inclusive features for the widest possible range of users


In its adjudication, the jury will take the differing economic and social conditions at the various locations into consideration.

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