Orange and green in harmony

“More beautiful, more colourful and more modern” than the previous structure – that‘s how the new building replacing the old building of Therese Giehse secondary school is described in the construction diary on the school’s website. The educational establishment in Unterschleissheim, which was moved into in September 2016, is extraordinarily colourful not only on the façade, but also in the outdoor area, where the colours of the synthetic surfaces in the courtyard take up the orange and green colour scheme of the building shell. The multipurpose pitch and three seating areas and the soft-impact surface under the climbing frame all have synthetic surfaces from Polytan – the weather-resistant material dries out quickly and is pleasant to the touch throughout the year, according to the landscape architect responsible.  

As part of the revamp of the outdoor area, the school’s management wanted not only a multipurpose pitch but also facilities for other games and sports such as table tennis, streetball and a climbing frame. Today the installations also include jumping boards and three organically shaped seat-ing areas. These are available to the students both in breaks between classes and in their free time. The students of the neighbouring Carl Orff grammar school can also make use of them. A “green classroom” has been built on the rear of the new building as well.

When it came to the surface of the multipurpose pitch and of the additional sports and playing areas, the landscape architects opted for the PolyPlay S synthetic surface from Polytan. The bright orange of the surface takes up the orange and green colour scheme of the façade as well as the green seating areas and the green softplay surface under the climbing frame.

Polytan GmbH

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