Innovative Shockpad Foam

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Sekisui Alveo, European manufacturer of high-quality polyolefin foams, has expanded its well-known Alveosport product line. Alveosport NUT 3011-14 is a new foam designed especially for use as a shockpad in artificial turf systems designed without infill. The innovative material not only meets the technical and quality requirements for sports fields, it presents an alternative to the questionable rubber infill used in many artificial turf systems.

Various artificial turf systems in use today incorporate rubber infill in order to achieve the desired performance characteristics. Problem is, this ground rubber is a material of concern. It impacts both the environmental and health, and this has been a topic of discussion at the European level. Artificial turf systems designed without the infill appear to be a promising alternative.

In artificial turf systems without infill, more of the vertical sports performance must be provided by the substructure. The shockpad beneath the artificial turf carpet must be designed for this purpose. Alveosport NUT 3011-14 is a new product specially developed to meet these technical requirements. The chemical composition, in combination with the physical design of the shockpad, results in an excellent balance of shock absorption, vertical deformation, and ball bounce – directly after installation as well as throughout the lifetime of the turf system.

Shock Pad Schaumstoff

photo: Sekisui

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