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Innovative design, large and small facilities: the IOC IPC IAKS architecture prizes 2021

Don’t miss this chance to submit your project. Show us your innovative sports facility or urban active space.

Back in 2019, the urban activity hub „Ackery‘s Alley“ in Vancouver, Canada was awarded. The idea was the activation of the city‘s under-utilized laneways to increase urban activity in the community with two social and activity hubs in the centre of the neighbourhood. A music- and culture-focused public space, inspired by the adjacent Orpheum Theatre, “Ackery’s Alley” is activated through an interactive art installation suspended in a bridge soffit across the laneway. Surrounded by red-painted walls, the gold structure invites passers-by to engage through movement to create a light and sound show.

It is this kind of exceptional creativity that is commended by the IOC IPC IAKS architecture prizes. They pay tribute to all kinds of exercise spaces – everything from the small neighbourhood facility to buildings for large-scale events.

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photo: Ema Peter