Indoor swimming pool with a view of Lake Ägeri

Surrounding screen of vertical wooden slats

Ägeribad indoor pool with its breath-taking view of Lake Ägeri invites you to swim and relax. Its location directly on the lake brings with it a commitment to approach the building’s volume and materials in a responsible manner. Scheitlin Syfrig architects have deliberately broken down the overall volume to reduce the building’s size. The glazing of the swimming pool on three sides offers swimmers a magnificent view and walkers a glimpse of swimming action.

The entrance is under a cantilevered roof on the north side. The functional and organisational hub is located in the entrance area. Reception has the functions of issuing tickets, selling bathing accessories, providing information, and selling coffee and other small items outside the restaurant’s opening hours. A connecting door affords access to the rear of the restaurant.

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photo: Ben Huggler

Ägeribad Facts

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photo: Ben Huggler

Oberägeri, Zug, Switzerland

Ägeribad AG

Scheitlin Syfrig Architekten AG
Libellenrain 17
Ch-6004 Luzern

Ceramic tiles
Agrob Buchtal GmbH

Underwater spot lights
WIBRE Elektrogeräte
Edmund Breuninger GmbH & Co. KG

Scheitlin Syfrig Architekten AG

Ben Huggler

Official opening
September 2018

Construction costs
CHF 38 million (EUR 33.5 million)

Use of water areas indoors and outdoors

Users access the changing areas along the north façade. Immediately after the exit from the changing area, there is a waiting zone for groups and then the multifunctional pool with its height-adjustable floor.

The children’s paddling area is sheltered alongside the western façade of the small hall. This takes the form of an inclined plane, and it is demarcated from the hall by a seating step. This provides the parents sitting there with a good overall view (and a view of outdoors) and forms a barrier for small children to keep them out of the deeper water.

To the south of the multifunctional pool is the transition to the outdoor pool, which is heated all year round. The outer wall is designed to prevent climbing, making it possible to dispense with fall protection such as railings (water depth 1.35 m).

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photo: Ben Huggler

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photo: Ben Huggler

A staircase leads from the sunbathing area of the outer pool to the sunbathing lawn. In summer this link can also be used to access the hall from the lake. Next to this staircase is the descent to the outdoor changing area for the outdoor pool, which can be used free of charge by all users of the outdoor spaces.

Next to the outdoor pool, the volume of the large indoor pool hall extends towards the lake, with a panoramic view via the spacious glazing. In order to emphasise this view and to achieve the desired solar heat gain, shading has been entirely dispensed with. For the critical days of summer, glare protection is provided on the west and south sides. On the east side, there is a small stand as a seating and storage area and as an area for spectators at swimming meetings.

Restaurant with optional outdoor serving counter

The restaurant is designed to be self-service, and meals are prepared directly on site. Access is possible from the entrance area as well as from the outside terrace. From the seating area of the restaurant, there is a direct view of the children’s paddling area and the multifunctional pool. Through a side door, users can enter directly from the indoor swimming pool. The outside counter can be additionally opened on busy days.

Sauna and steam bath

Access to the wellness area is from the entrance area via the upper level. A skylight in the roof creates an atrium. The wellness zone is separated by a turnstile. The zone comprises two general saunas and a steam bath as well as several fun showers, plunge pools and a Kneipp area. The women’s sauna is directly accessible from the women’s changing area.

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photo: Ben Huggler

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photo: Ben Huggler

Choice of materials generates a vibrant lightness

The façades of the indoor swimming pool consist of a continuous screen of vertical wooden slats, which are based on the traditional timber construction method in the farming area beyond the Lake Ägeri. Each volume has its own colour derived from its surroundings.

Technical openings in the façade are hidden behind the wooden screen. Technical units mounted on the roof (chimney, exhaust air, flume structure) are clad with wooden slats to give the building a uniform appearance.

The joint pattern articulates the wooden screen and gives the building a vibrant lightness.

In the interior, special emphasis has been placed on the durability of the materials used. The warm colours complement the water surfaces. The swimming pools are light turquoise in colour, making the water warm and inviting. The ceiling construction and the underside of the indoor swimming pool are faced with wood, and between the slats are the geometric figures of light designer Guido Grünhage.

The wellness and relaxation zone are executed in an interplay of small, light-coloured panels and wood panelling, while the fun showers and plunge pools are dark to stress the experience. For technical reasons, the outdoor pool is made of chromium steel and has an integrated cover to prevent cooling at night. The outside sunbathing and terrace areas are surfaced with natural stone.

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photo: Ben Huggler

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photo: Ben Huggler

Technology and waste water

The entire building services (except kitchen exhaust air on the roof and wellness) are located in the basement. The heat is generated by two wood-fired heaters, and the bathing water plant is shared among the different pools (depending on heat needs). The used pool water (not the shower water) is treated in an internal waste water treatment unit and after heat recovery it is discharged into Lake Ägeri. This system is continuously monitored; if the values deviate from the demanded range, the water is diverted into the sewer system.

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