Curious?! Fun with Stylemaker® Floor Games

With Stylemaker® you can creatively produce images on floors. The highlight is the Stylemaker® motif templates, so you always have the perfect resource for putting new individual ideas into practice. New to the app are motif templates for floor games. Jumping games, long jump ­competitions and Twister fun can all be made possible in no time maximum variety for maximum fun.

Stylemaker® floor games are ideal for all generations between 6 and 99. Whether for hopping, twisting, running or solving arithmetic problems, Stylemaker® Floor Games are perfect for the schoolyard, kindergarten, old people’s home or even the shopping centre.

Integrate floor games into inspiring play and leisure environments.

Play is fun and keeps you healthy. Floor games are an exciting challenge for body and mind your customers will be thrilled.

Stylemaker® floor games try them now! 

Melos floor-games_girl spreading arms

photo: melos

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