ASB realises installation

ASB GlassFloor is renowned for its innovative sports floors. Another increasingly important activity is architectural solutions, and glass surfaces with LED video elements open up entirely new possibilities for this.

Art meets technology – this is the combination that made artist Marc Gumpinger famous on an international scale. His idea of linking algorithms with classic art techniques to create a new aesthetic is so compelling that the lifestyle magazine The Hedonist named him “Artist of the Moment” last year. And if Marc Gumpinger is Artist of the Moment, then ASB GlassFloor surely qualifies as “Enterprise of the Moment”: with its LED-equipped glass floors, ASB enhances playing areas during sports events: within seconds a handball court is transformed into a football pitch – and during the break the floor provides new sources of income as advertising space.

Christof Babinsky, CEO of ASB, has been consistently working towards a digitally enhanced sports and event floor: “The digital version is the future. With the sports and event version we are only exploiting one small portion of the potential.” The fact that the glass floor can be used in revolutionary cutting-edge solutions in architecture was demonstrated at the beginning of 2018, when ASB provided an installation at the Irish Microsoft headquarters. Visitors there are welcomed by a virtual waterfall that appears to plunge down four flights of stairs into a digital lake. The idea was realised with LED and glass elements that can be controlled on the plug & play principle via an HDMI interface.

ASB GlassFloor

ASB_Microsoft_Digital_Waterfall_Lake sb 6 2018

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