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Submission process

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The submission process will start in January 2023. For the entry, all documents and information required in the submission process must reach the IAKS in digital format by 30th April 2023, 24:00 h Berlin time at the latest.

Applicants will need to provide information on their facility in the areas of:

  • design idea and concept, programme and functional aspects, innovation,
  • sustainability goals,
  • accessibility and universal design aspects.

The entries received will be adjudicated by an international jury composed of personalities from the IOC, the IPC and the IAKS in July 2023. The results of the competition will be announced to the participants until the end of July 2023. The prize-giving ceremony will take place on 24 October 2023 in Cologne, Germany.

Due to the current situation in Ukraine, the IAKS kindly asks parties from Russia and Belarus to refrain from submitting a project. The next occasion to submit will be in 2025, while everybody hopes that the situation will not last another two years.

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