VHF Switzerland: protection strategy after re-opening

The strategy of the Association of Indoor and Outdoor Swimming Pools (VHF) in Switzerland aims to show how indoor and outdoor swimming pools can prepare themselves to ensure an orderly and phased return to initially protected bathing after facility re-opening.

The neuralgic points at a swimming pool are not the water itself, but the areas where people meet in confined spaces: in the entrance area, in changing rooms, in corridors, in showers, on pool surrounds, in lounging areas, in restaurants and at food take-away counters.

Indoor and outdoor swimming pools as well as wellness facilities are subject in any case to strict regulations on hygiene, which is ensured with thorough and intermediate cleans and appropriate disinfection. This means that swimming pools already enjoy a very high standard of hygiene.

Advisable is a two- or even three-phase procedure for re-opening swimming pools.

Download: vhf Protection strategy

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