Sustainable renovation

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Floors in sports facilities are exposed to heavy loads every day. A sports floor quickly shows scratches or worn line markings. Slip resistance also suffers from wear and tear or incorrect maintenance. In order to renovate such floors and to make them fit again for heavy wear and tear, Dr. Schutz Group has developed the Sport Floor System. With the Sport Floor System, any worn sports floor (sports linoleum, PVC, PU, sports parquet) can be renovated at low cost and little downtime – without having to be torn out and disposed of with the associated dust and dirt.

The Sport Floor System consists of coloured and transparent water-based coatings which are applied in two or three steps:

  1. The floor is thoroughly cleaned and prepared for the subsequent coating.
  2. If the design is to be retained, the floor is only lacquered with a transparent coating. If, on the other hand, the ­design is to be changed or refreshed, the floor is first coated with a coloured layer. Field markings and lines can be reapplied or redrawn on demand.
  3. Finally, the floor is given long-term protection with a special ­on-top coat for sports floors.

The advantages of the Dr. Schutz System at a glance:

  • Savings of up to 50% over new flooring
  • Drastically reduced downtime
  • No noise, dirt or dust
  • 100% carbon-neutral
  • Long-term protection against wear and tear
  • Simple adjustment of sports fields and line markings
  • Safety due to non-slip properties and appropriate gloss   grades in accordance with EN 18032 and EN-14904 for sports floors.
  • Cost-effective maintenance
DrSchutz_sports hall_renovated_3329.

photo: Dr. Schutz