Sustainable irrigation management

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Resource-saving irrigation of functional lawns has become the focus of stakeholders in the green industry. PERROT ­Regnerbau Calw GmbH from Althengstett in Baden-Württemberg offers solutions for all requirements with its three sprinkler technologies. As an innovation driver in the industry, the engineers from Althengstett have added the TRITON L to the successful swing arm product line with the revised Triton S and the new Triton M to the market. Including the LVZX sprinkler, ranges between 8.9 m and 38 m can now be achieved. This with a terrific uniformity especially in wind-exposed locations and with the possibility to use almost any available irrigation water. The sprinklers are easy to maintain and, like the other product lines, can be overhauled at the factory even after years. A real contribution to the company's sustainability ­strategy. 

In addition to this technology, PERROT offers the Hydra encapsulated gear sprinklers. These are also appreciated by operators and installation partners for their distribution accuracy as well as ease of maintenance and smooth running. Rounding out the sprinkler families is the VP3 sprinkler, which offers throwing distances of 54 m due to its unique piston drive. This in conjunction with the SectorScout system allows sprinkling on artificial turf and of course lawns from outside the field, without double sprinkling of the sectors. This sprinkler has its roots in the industrial and agricultural irrigation division of the ­company.

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