Sustainable football turf

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Polytan is taking the next step in sustainability: After intro­ducing organic raw materials to the synthetic turf-making process, the manufacturer will now consistently use recycled materials in its portfolio. LigaTurf Cross R is followed by LigaTurf Trion R, LigaTurf RS+ R, LigaGrass Synergy R and LigaGrass Pro R. They will be made using PCR plastic that was previously used for a variety of purposes, such as packaging material. Under the motto “We make Plastic Better”, Polytan will upcycle used plastic and transform it into a synthetic football pitch. Unlike disposable plastics, which are used to keep food fresh for just a few hours, the average lifespan of synthetic turf is 15 years. 

The evolution of the synthetic turf portfolio is part of the Polytan Green technology programme. Polytan’s goal is to gradually replace its fossil-based synthetic turf with sustain­able synthetic systems. Polytan already brought an outstanding sustainable flagship product to market with LigaTurf Cross GTR in 2021 that features recycled material combined with organic plastics.

There are numerous compelling reasons to use recycled material in synthetic turf systems. With the increased use of recycled material in synthetic turf comes a reduction in plastic waste, a decrease in the production of new resins and polymers, less energy consumption and, ultimately, a reduction in the greenhouse gas CO₂. Friedemann Söll, Managing Director of Polytan GmbH, explains the long-term goal: “We want to break free from a linear economy, in which products are manufactured, used and disposed of. Instead, we want to transition to a circular economy, in which plastic products are designed to maintain their value throughout their entire life cycle and beyond!”


Photo: Polytan

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