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Sustainable energy and workforce solutions

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WM technics introduces pioneering Mammoth Autopilot 3D

In an ever-evolving world where energy efficiency and sustainability take center stage, WM technics was thrilled to showcase its latest innovations at the 28th IAKS Congress in Cologne. From 24th to 27th of October 2023, the International Trade Fair for Public Space, Sports and Leisure Facilities (FSB) and the IAKS Congress revealed cutting-edge technologies and concepts for sports and leisure facility managers.

This year, energy and workforce are the spotlight topics. A particular emphasis is being placed on reducing our carbon footprint. Against this backdrop, we're excited to unveil a groundbreaking innovation in ice technology: our ice thickness regulation system. Not only does it cut energy costs, but it also paves the way for more advancements in this sector. Welcome to the future of ice rink technology with WM technics.

Automatic ice thickness regulation: Slash operating costs and protect environment

In the dynamic realm of sports facility technology, the thickness of the ice is often overlooked, yet it plays a crucial role in energy efficiency and operational costs. Responding to these high costs and excessive energy usage, WM technics introduces the Mammoth Autopilot 3D with an integrated laser levelling system.

This innovative system intuitively identifies when the ice surface needs to be planed. Its functionality is reminiscent of contemporary floor-cleaning or lawn robots, autonomously maintaining their respective zones.

Because the thicker the ice, the more cooling is required. The correlation between ice thickness and energy consumption is evident. Studies indicate that energy usage can surge by up to +15% for every 1 cm of excessive ice thickness. This means that by meticulously controlling ice thickness, operators can not only drastically reduce their operational costs but also significantly contribute to environmental protection by diminishing the CO2 emissions of their facilities.

WM technics sustainable energy

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Countering the skills shortage with the Mammoth Autopilot

WM Sustainable Energy

Photos: WM technics

Countering the skills shortage with the Mammoth Autopilot 3D stands as a testament to WM technics' spirit of innova­tion and its continual drive to address the current and future challenges of the industry. It's not just a product – it’s a vision for the future of ice rink technology.

Rapid technological advances are reshaping not only how sports facilities are operated but also the role of those who manage them. Given the heightened expectations for user-friendliness and automation across all sectors, it's evident that the future of ice technology hinges on the principle of autonomy.

This applies to ice masters as well. Frequent staff turnovers and the need for more skilled professionals in the ice industry under­score the importance of automated machines. With the infusion of the latest technology, accessibility is significantly enhanced: the self-driving mode ensures that even individuals without specialized training can maintain consistently high ice quality.

However, it's also about the people and making the role of the ice master more appealing. The machine can allow the operator to oversee its operation from a safe distance with­out needing constant presence. The machine can be started via an app, further boosting operational convenience. This offers two key benefits: the known one – improved accessibility –, and the added perk that ice masters can have more flexible working hours. Late-night shifts can be eliminated from the job description with the Autopilot.

Conclusion: For a sustainable future in ice sports

The Mammoth Autopilot 3D is more than just a techno­logical breakthrough; it's a game-changer that r­evolutionizes ice rink operations and shapes the future of the ice ­industry. It stands as a testament to WM technics' ongoing progress and dedication to providing ice masters and operators with the best tools - ones that enhance performance and user-­friendliness, significantly impacting the appeal of the 

This year, the IAKS Congress sets clear priorities: energy, workforce, and carbon footprint reduction. This is precisely where WM technics' Mammoth Autopilot 3D comes into play, fusing these core themes into one revolutionary product.

The automatic ice thickness regulation of the Mammoth Auto­pilot 3D marks a milestone in energy efficiency, significantly reducing CO2 emissions.

The autopilot system – already successfully operational in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands – encapsulates the focus on the workforce. The ability for ice masters to have more flexible working hours increases the profession's allure. Less skilled personnel can operate the machine, count­ering the industry trend of high staff turnover.

The message is clear: WM technics' Mammoth Autopilot 3D is not just a technological novelty but an active contribution towards crafting a sustainable future in ice sports.