Sustainability aspect increases demand

Sports floors made of glass by ASB GlassFloor are requested in Europe and overseas

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In the booming north of Amsterdam a very special sports facility will be built in the coming months. The first publicly accessible sports hall in the Netherlands with a 1,440 m² glass floor by ASB GlassFloor will be installed there. And many more will follow. The subject of  sustainability is one that no one can avoid when planning and building a sports hall. Thus, more and more municipalities and private investors are relying on the innovative floor by the Bavarian company from Stein an der Traun.

And it is no surprise, seeing that the technology made of glass offers plenty of advantages and provides for a much fast refinancing of an entire project, even in municipal construction. Sustainability, digitalization, entirely new possibilities for training and marketing, as well as enormous flexibility in the creation of the entire floor surface give hall operators plenty of arguments to decide in favour of the so-called „ASB MultiSports“, which also presents great added value for the athletes due to its joint-friendly properties.

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Photo: ASB GlassFloor

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Wide variety of scenarios at the touch of a button


Photo: ASB GlassFloor

Its special feature: the lines are not permanently marked on the floor, but implemented as LED lines underneath the glass surface. Thus, at the touch of a button, a wide variety of playing fields such as basketball, hockey, handball, badminton and volleyball can be  displayed, or even many small training fields. Only the lines that are really needed are displayed. Gone are the days of the big line confusion.

When, as in Amsterdam, school sports, professional training, sporting events and cultural events often have to be accommodated in one and the same halls, this flexibility brings a decisive advantage. The lifetime of an ASB GlassFloor is over 70 years, on which you can easily play school sports in the morning, a handball match in the afternoon and host a concert in the evening. In between, only the lines are changed on the touchscreen and the floor mopped if necessary.

In high demand

Despite, or perhaps even because of the pandemic of the past two years, enquiries from the DACH region have been piling up, but also worldwide enquiries for ASB’s ­sustainable glass flooring system have increased. For one thing, a ­private sports hall for tennis, basketball, netball, badminton and small-sided football was recently completed in London, UK. For another, the coming months will see a MultiSports floor installed in a Moroccan University, as well as in a University in New Zealand.  

The certified sports floor is FIBA, FIVB and IHF accredited and meets the requirements of the European Norm EN 14904:2006 for area elastic sports floors. Due to its elasticity and texture – among other things due to the ceramic dots burnt into the glass surface - it offers perfect conditions for the health of the athlete. The risk of injury from skin burns after a fall is also much lower.