Successful opening of the new season

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Anyone who wants to achieve the best possible initial care of the artificial turf before the start of the season is in the best hands with SMG. As the leading manufacturer of ride-on machines, tractor attachments and tow-behind devices for the maintenance of artificial turf, the company provides 360-degree support in terms of technology and 100 per cent expertise to its customers. For decades, SMG has set the standards in the development and production of machines for the installation of synthetic sports surfaces. This global practical experience has resulted in the development of our own machine series for artificial turf maintenance. Graded maintenance is the key, so we break the process down into regular and advanced maintenance.

Regular maintenance

The maintenance in this area can usually be done by a groundskeeper himself as part of their weekly routine using an existing towing vehicle. In addition to the visual inspection of lines and seams, the main tasks are surface cleaning, the return of infill granules and the brushing of the artificial turf fibers of the pitch. SMG attachments make these tasks much easier.

Advanced maintenance (intensive care)

The more intensive maintenance at longer intervals require machines usually beyond the scope of clubs or private individuals. The work steps are complex and are therefore often outsourced to specialist companies. Intensive care for artificial turf includes loosening, deep cleaning and refilling of infill material during the season break, seasonal care and the treatment against algae and moss. Whatever the situation is on site – whether on playing fields or running tracks, the SMG specialists have the solution. They are happy to provide advice, demonstrations, test phases, information on subsidies and leasing, and financing or hire purchase.

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