“Shop & Jog“ in Qatar

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The Lulu Mall Abu Sidra in Qatar is a design attraction modelled on the dunes typical of the region. With its adjacent park, the covered shopping centre is also a meeting place for people and sports enthusiasts. To expand the range of leisure activities, the newly designed jogging track has been another attraction for joggers and pedestrians since July 2020. In addition to the active sports scene, mall visitors will now also find an opportunity to run or stroll outdoors after shopping in a way that is easy on their joints. For the outdoor running track, the Polycomp Jogging Track System from Melos was installed on a total area of 850 m².

The Polycomp Jogging Track is an impermeable, multi-layer surface consisting of a base layer and a cast top layer with a granular, rough surface formed by the interspersion of granules. The textured surface gives Polycomp Jogging Track its anti-slip properties. The system impresses amateur and professional athletes alike with its good functional properties.

Compared to asphalt pavements shared with pedestrians, the Polycomp Jogging Track is elastic and particularly easy on the joints. The products of the Polycomp Jogging Track system have been extensively tested for their weather resistance and are impressive even in outdoor use thanks to their consistent high quality lasting years. Thanks to its textured surface, the Polycomp Jogging Track has slip-resistant properties. Even after a rain shower, this running track can be used safely. All components of the system are 100 % virgin and have been manufactured from high quality raw materials. Polycomp Jogging Track is installed in-situ and seamlessly and can be installed directly on existing asphalt or concrete.


Melos GmbH

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