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The X-TEND cable mesh from Carl Stahl ARC offers a wide range of sporting possibilities, as well as safety applications in architecture and construction. The newly defined European Technical Assessment (ETA) ETA-22/0257 for the X-TEND cable mesh as a fall protection and safety net creates a solid basis for its application, with regular external monitoring of production processes for quality assurance. The ETA for X-TEND not only enables practical applications based on the European Construction Products Regulation but also ensures static calculability and installation according to guidelines.

As a tested quality product, X-TEND is suitable for various sensitive areas of application, including sports facilities, schools, daycare centres, residential and office buildings, as well as facade greening or horizontal fall protection nets, even in criti­cal infrastructure. It serves not only as a safety net but also as a design element, made of durable and robust high-grade stainless steel. Its flexibility allows for use in both two and three dimensions.

X-TEND rope net is available in various mesh sizes and rope diameters and, thanks to its low weight but high load-bearing capability, enables delicate installations with large spans. It ensures optimum visibility for spectators and athletes and keeps balls silently in the net without permanent deformation or damage. X-TEND provides safety for games and sports, even where space is limited in cities, such as with retrofitted courts for utilizing existing flat roofs.

The X-TEND cable mesh is manufactured in our own factories in Europe, as well as in the USA to comply with project-specific "Buy American" guidelines.

Safety and Aesthetics Carl Stahl

Photo: Frank Bunz

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