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Together with RedClay USA, VIACOR/PORPLASTIC is on the advance to revolutionize tennis in America: the enthusiasm for the innovative PORPLASTIC RedClay Pro® tennis court systems from the manufacturer VIACOR, respectively PORPLASTIC, has now spilled over from Florida, Texas, Michigan, Nevada, also to California. The tennis court system, which inspired the women's tennis elite at the WTA Porsche Tennis Grand Prix in Stuttgart for the 6th time in 2022, is currently enjoying particular attention in the USA.

Sean Henagan, Owner and Director of Tennis at The Tennis Reserve (private exclusive tennis academy in Florida, USA), explains his switch from green to red clay tennis courts: "The 300+ man hours annually that we will be saving with maintenance, the virtually zero down time after rains, and the amazing feeling of playing on traditional red clay was an instant sell for me! PORPLASTIC RedClay Pro® played great, you can slide like on a traditional clay court, the bounce is extremely "pure", and no issues ever with lines... thank you to Fast Dry Courts and RedClay USA!"

Brian Osterberg, Managing Director of RedClay USA adds why, especially in times of water scarcity, the PORPLASTIC RedClay Pro® tennis court system is the only practical solution for clay courts in regions with water restrictions: “With the clever technology of the PORPLASTIC RedClay Pro® tennis court system, compared to conventional clay courts, a lot less water is needed; only quick surface moistening for play. This saves up to 90 % water." New Jersey has also already reached the PORPLASTIC RedClay Pro® fever: the completion of the largest "Red Clay" tennis complex to date in the USA is expected in early 2023.

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