A pioneer in irrigation technology

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Perrot has been a pioneer in irrigation technology since 1925, driven by a strong commitment to the responsible use of ­water and the manufacturing of high-quality, resource-saving ­products. Today, our core business includes irrigation for sports fields, golf courses, and other commercial applications. In addition, Perrot offers systems for agriculture and environmental protection, as well as couplings and steel pipes for the agriculture and construction industry. 

At Perrot, we are aware that climate conditions are ­making ­irrigation systems ever more indispensable. Choosing the right irrigation system plays also a crucial role to remain cost-effective.

With the PERROT impact sprinkler series TRITON-S/M/L and the new irrigation controller REGULUS, we take on this responsibility and contribute to minimizing water waste while maximizing growth and turf health. Also, the possibility to use either greywater or rainwater makes our Triton series pop-up sprinklers extremely convenient and environmental-friendly.

Additionally, Perrot assists football clubs and planners in designing the correct and resource-saving irrigation systems to suit any size and meet any requirements for all club divisions. With a combination of three different types of sprinkler technology, Perrot is able to provide the perfect solution for every type of subsoil and terrain, whether for natural, synthetic or hybrid turfs.


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