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August 22 saw the European Athletics Championships in Munich draw to a close after seven days of exciting competition, with Europe's best athletes competing for glory and 50 sets of medals. All athletics events in the Olympic Stadium were held on a new synthetic running track, provided by the sports flooring manufacturer REGUPOL. It was installed in May this year and received Class 1 certification from World Athletics. With the construction of the track, REGUPOL became the Official Track Supplier of the European Championships Munich 2022.

REGUPOL brings high-tech to the Olympic Stadium

What makes REGUPOL an internationally renowned name in the sports industry is their expertise and decades of experience in sports floor construction. And that’s precisely what tipped the scales in favour of REGUPOL constructing the running track in Munich. The base layer is prefabricated in the factory and bonded on site where it’s given a coating of poly­urethane, interspersed with granulate. The track strikes just the right balance between sports function and providing protection for athletes’ bodies. Special designs and solutions are also possible: for example, the javelin run-up was given a special base layer and the last eight metres of the synthetic surface were additionally refined to prevent the thrower’s front foot slipping. This is a high-tech track that promised great successes and was able to deliver. And not for the first time: at the 2008 World Athletics Championships in the Berlin Olympic Stadium, Usain Bolt set two world records - also on a REGUPOL track.

Regupol Laufbahn München

photo: REGUPOL

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